Kent State University: Remembering May 4, 1970

Many of us remember the Vietnam War and the protesting that occurred on nearly every campus across the country; however, not all have the same memories as students at Kent State University.  In the weekend following President Nixon’s announcement that we would be invading Cambodia, anti-war protestors took their displeasure to a new level, including burning down an ROTC building.  In response to the violence Ohio Gov. James Rhodes called out the National Guard to assist with controlling the mob.  In the past only tear gas had been used to keep the students back but on that spring day nearly 2 dozen National Guardsmen fired into the crowd killing 4 and wounding several others.

The past forty years have been filled with hurt and pain both for the students, their families, and the university, but they will not forget.  Memorials have been set up honoring those who died and soon they will be offering guided historical tours.

For more information on the events of that day and what is being done to remember, visit

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