An expert witness is one who, by virtue of education training, skill or occupation in a specific field is considered to be more knowledgeable in a particular area than the average person. Respected for their knowledge, these ‘experts’ may be called upon from time to time to offer their unbiased, yet expert opinion in court cases, both criminal and civil. They are called upon for the very reason they can give unbiased testimony based upon evidence, compiled by facts and the natural conditions as a result thereof.

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When asked who their favorite writer is, the chances that a person will say William Shakespeare may be relatively small. With that in mind, if say to that same person, "to be or not to be" they will most likely respond with "that is the question" and even if they don't they are sure to know what it is from. Aside from the Christian Bible, Hamlet is the most quoted and known piece of literature in history. Many of the play's quotes have become popular phrases, such as "to thine … [Read the rest]

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About a hundred years ago, drugs in the United States weren't usually regulated. Over-the-counter pills, such as aspirin and cold remedies, contained heroin and cocaine, with the responsibility for safety placed on the consumer's shoulders. If you weren't careful, the medicine you took to cure you could also kill you. In 1914, however, the Harrison Tax Act, limited the sale of heroin and went on to restrict cocaine sales, too.

In a little over two decades, Federal health regulations were overseen by the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act of 1938; … [Read the rest]

While Las Vegas may be thought of as a place to get married quickly, nearly a hundred years ago Reno, Nevada, already had the reputation as a place to go for divorces. In 1910, the city was considered the divorce capital, allowing residency requirements in the city to be shortened, and therefore allowing divorces to be as fast as possible.

Known as the Biggest Little City, Reno today may be known more for the Comedy Central program, Reno 911. However, this comedy doesn't begin to explore the history of this … [Read the rest]

Many of us use our PCs, Macs or even cell phones to access the internet every single day. But have you ever thought to ask yourself how it all works? The Internet started as a small internetwork of military computers. The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), a division of the U.S. Department of Defense, laid the foundations for the modern Internet we know today.

By 1992, the network bandwidth of the Internet had increased 20 million times the bandwidth seen in 1964. In November of 1992 Delphi was … [Read the rest]

Before the stars and stripes was adopted, the colonies and militias in America had many different flags including the famous Rattlesnake flag with the motto, "Don't Tread On Me." Another interesting navel flag had a white background and a green pine tree and the motto, "An Appeal to Heaven."  However, many of the flags used were actually a version of the British Union Jack.  Obviously, as the colonies prepared for war against Britain, they needed a new flag!

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The origin of language is perhaps one of the most contested histories in contemporary culture.  It’s not simply a matter of lack of information, where it’s impossible to go back and find out when and where people first started to articulate in a recognizable way.  It is also related to the complicated notion of history itself.  If history begins with a record, then the possibility of finding a record of sound and utterance is not possible with the available tools.  Despite the impossibility of finding a fixed origin, or perhaps … [Read the rest]

If there’s ever any doubt that there’s no longer a relationship between people and the earth they walk on, just ask anyone in Sydney about sandstone.  What is now conceived of primarily as a building material, at least in public discourse, is in fact the foundation of the city, in more ways than one.  And any lengthy discussion about sandstone in the city will invariably lead much further into the past than more tourists and travelers have time for.  It is terribly interesting, however, and well worth the long hours … [Read the rest]

One of the more uncanny experiences in any kind of historical work comes when the correspondences between past and present become closer than one could have possibly suspected.  That everyday household objects have connections to a deeper past can come as no quiet shock, because there is a tendency to take what’s best from the past generation and repeat it.  But when small connections between things, like window  blinds and the walls of an ancient theater, become obvious, then history takes on a whole new dimension.  One can often feel … [Read the rest]

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We’ve already covered how proper tire care can help save gas but ties themselves can actually be environmentally friendly. When people think of eco-friendly materials, tires probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. As of late, however, tire manufactures have been thinking a lot about the environment even if you don’t think they have been. Take the Firestone Tires’ Dive tire for instance, which claims to be the most fuel efficient tire among leading tire makes.

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