While Las Vegas may be thought of as a place to get married quickly, nearly a hundred years ago Reno, Nevada, already had the reputation as a place to go for divorces. In 1910, the city was considered the divorce capital, allowing residency requirements in the city to be shortened, and therefore allowing divorces to be as fast as possible.

Known as the Biggest Little City, Reno today may be known more for the Comedy Central program, Reno 911. However, this comedy doesn't begin to explore the history of this … [Read the rest]

The origin of language is perhaps one of the most contested histories in contemporary culture.  It’s not simply a matter of lack of information, where it’s impossible to go back and find out when and where people first started to articulate in a recognizable way.  It is also related to the complicated notion of history itself.  If history begins with a record, then the possibility of finding a record of sound and utterance is not possible with the available tools.  Despite the impossibility of finding a fixed origin, or perhaps … [Read the rest]

May 25th has been a pivot day in history and has marked the end of some legends and the beginning of others.  On May 25th, Babe Ruth, playing for the Boston Braves, hit his last 3 home runs of his career against the Pittsburgh Pirates ending in  an 11-7 loss.


On  May 25th 1961 President of the United States, John F. Kennedy pledged to Congress that the United States would put a man on the moon. On July 20th, 1969 Neil Armstrong would take his first steps on the … [Read the rest]