Anyone can think of a dozen things to do in Los Angeles, probably without having to take a breath or tax their memory. The city is famous for its museums, beaches, and a plethora of Hollywood-related attractions. Those that are looking for a different experience, can choose from some of the following ideas, so that when they board the shuttle to LAX at the end of their vacation, they'll have one of a kind memories to take home.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels is located in downtown LA. … [Read the rest]

The term global health insurance can be confusing. It's not the same thing as universal health insurance, though the terms seem similar. Universal health insurance or universal coverage is the idea that everyone has health insurance. Global health insurance is simply health insurance that is valid all over the globe.

The idea behind global health insurance is that as the economy becomes truly global and technology makes jobs less and less dependent upon place, more people will be traveling -- and many people will make international travel a regular part … [Read the rest]

Spring Break season is in full swing with students from across the country looking for the perfect place to enjoy their break from their studies.  Though there are a few places that have been traditional favorites, such as Cancun and the Bahamas, the tight economy has many students sticking closer to home.  Many beaches in Florida, and even South Padre Island, Texas, are expecting higher numbers this year due to their closer proximity and lower costs.  For a list of the 2010 Spring Break hotspots, click here.… [Read the rest]

New Orleans was always calling to me.  I know I'm not alone in this, because there are always the footsteps of others, living and dead, who have been here looking for the traces of Marie Laveau.  Of course, tourism being what it is, there are plenty of people who have taken the opportunity to make a little money off of her name.  For some of these, I don't think she herself would have minded, because a lot of her life was characterized by the kind of showmanship that's been … [Read the rest]

Eventually, no matter how well you care for them and maintain the correct pressure and rotation, all tires where out.  Some may where out due to extensive use, others due to severe environmental factors, and other simply get damaged.  Tires are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle, and it is imperative that once you notice a bit of wear or damage you must make the decision to buy new tires.  Sometimes is is possible to repair the damage, but the safety of you and your … [Read the rest]

This year that Hawaii vacation may be out of your grasp. You have cut back you responsible adult, but that does not mean that you still don’t deserve a vacation. Take that time off and find something else to do. Whether that be exploring the culture that your city already has to offer or taking a summer road trip. So what if that fancy world globe trotting vacation is not within budget this year. You still have to get out and have some summer fun!

If a road trip is … [Read the rest]