What does one think of when considering corrupt leaders?   The terror or the torture they inflict on their people?  Or perhaps the evil way they appear when photographed for newspaper articles and filmed for the nightly news.  Or maybe, as in the case for many years surrounding the Third Reich and the reign of Adolph Hitler, many may believe that it is impossible to stop them.  The thing with political corruption and the leaders who act is such a way, is that by the standards of many, corruption and … [Read the rest]

Terrorism is defined as the systematic way in which terror is used as a means of control and coercion. The definitions of terrorism are varied and generally have come to refer to the acts that are committed for a goal of maintaining a certain ideal or ideology, usually based on political or religious beliefs.  The complete disregard for the value of human life is one of the most horrific aspects of the criminal acts committed by terrorist cells active today.  That is why the investigation and the destruction of the … [Read the rest]

The advances made in the last few decades in the systems of communication and the technology of information has transformed the ways in which anti-money laundering and anti-corruption organizations conduct their investigations.  Now it seems that there is always an escape route which provides criminals with the easy means of vanishing the transactions of money made illegally through the assistance of electronic and computerized transactions.

This is an area of the war against corruption which must be monitored constantly, as the businesses of the world's more advanced and wealthy nations … [Read the rest]