Many of us remember the Vietnam War and the protesting that occurred on nearly every campus across the country; however, not all have the same memories as students at Kent State University.  In the weekend following President Nixon’s announcement that we would be invading Cambodia, anti-war protestors took their displeasure to a new level, including burning down an ROTC building.  In response to the violence Ohio Gov. James Rhodes called out the National Guard to assist with controlling the mob.  In the past only tear gas had been used to … [Read the rest]

With two decades of experience in serving the private and public sector in Oklahoma City, Mary Myrick is making a difference in the community here.  Her work is focused on client-based outcomes, so that each project is an individual work, and her culturally diverse team has enormous professional expertise in many areas.  This means that at Public Strategies Inc. they meet the clients where they are, and their projects range from program management to public relations, and technical assistance to marketing.  This range is only possible through a large vision, … [Read the rest]