While Las Vegas may be thought of as a place to get married quickly, nearly a hundred years ago Reno, Nevada, already had the reputation as a place to go for divorces. In 1910, the city was considered the divorce capital, allowing residency requirements in the city to be shortened, and therefore allowing divorces to be as fast as possible.

Known as the Biggest Little City, Reno today may be known more for the Comedy Central program, Reno 911. However, this comedy doesn't begin to explore the history of this … [Read the rest]

Before the stars and stripes was adopted, the colonies and militias in America had many different flags including the famous Rattlesnake flag with the motto, "Don't Tread On Me." Another interesting navel flag had a white background and a green pine tree and the motto, "An Appeal to Heaven."  However, many of the flags used were actually a version of the British Union Jack.  Obviously, as the colonies prepared for war against Britain, they needed a new flag!

So what are the origins of the American flag? No one really … [Read the rest]

If there’s ever any doubt that there’s no longer a relationship between people and the earth they walk on, just ask anyone in Sydney about sandstone.  What is now conceived of primarily as a building material, at least in public discourse, is in fact the foundation of the city, in more ways than one.  And any lengthy discussion about sandstone in the city will invariably lead much further into the past than more tourists and travelers have time for.  It is terribly interesting, however, and well worth the long hours … [Read the rest]

Many of us remember the Vietnam War and the protesting that occurred on nearly every campus across the country; however, not all have the same memories as students at Kent State University.  In the weekend following President Nixon’s announcement that we would be invading Cambodia, anti-war protestors took their displeasure to a new level, including burning down an ROTC building.  In response to the violence Ohio Gov. James Rhodes called out the National Guard to assist with controlling the mob.  In the past only tear gas had been used to … [Read the rest]

New Orleans was always calling to me.  I know I'm not alone in this, because there are always the footsteps of others, living and dead, who have been here looking for the traces of Marie Laveau.  Of course, tourism being what it is, there are plenty of people who have taken the opportunity to make a little money off of her name.  For some of these, I don't think she herself would have minded, because a lot of her life was characterized by the kind of showmanship that's been … [Read the rest]

The advances made in the last few decades in the systems of communication and the technology of information has transformed the ways in which anti-money laundering and anti-corruption organizations conduct their investigations.  Now it seems that there is always an escape route which provides criminals with the easy means of vanishing the transactions of money made illegally through the assistance of electronic and computerized transactions.

This is an area of the war against corruption which must be monitored constantly, as the businesses of the world's more advanced and wealthy nations … [Read the rest]