Many of us use our PCs, Macs or even cell phones to access the internet every single day. But have you ever thought to ask yourself how it all works? The Internet started as a small internetwork of military computers. The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), a division of the U.S. Department of Defense, laid the foundations for the modern Internet we know today.

By 1992, the network bandwidth of the Internet had increased 20 million times the bandwidth seen in 1964. In November of 1992 Delphi was … [Read the rest]

Eloping to Vegas is a time honored tradition. In recent years the city has worked hard to become a more conventional wedding destination. Brides to be are encouraged to plan elaborate weddings that take advantage of the unique settings at places like the venetian (click here), which offers gourmet catering and experienced wedding planners to make the day special.

People choosing to get married in Vegas are in good company. Dozens of celebrities have exchanged vows in Sin City. One of the earliest celebrities to take advantage of the minimal … [Read the rest]

Remakes seem to be the thing right now. A few seasons ago Warner Bros. picked up a remake series of Beverly Hills 90210 entitled 90210. Now CBS has announced that they will be doing a remake of the popular cop show Hawaii Five-0. The cast, stars from Lost and Battlestar Gallactica, will have their work cut out for them as they attempt to modernize the show without shutting out fans familiar with the original series. No word yet when the series will air, but you can read more about the … [Read the rest]

For last couple of years, it seems as though the Miss USA pageant has become more about politics and less about the pageant. Last year, Carrie Prejean was faced with a question about gay marriage and this year Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard was asked about immigraton reform. Ultimately neither girl ended up with the crown, so it makes you wonder just how much emphasis is put on these questions. Perhaps they should stay out of politics and just focus on the pageant. You can read the whole story at … [Read the rest]

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As if the sex scandal and estrangement from his soon-to-be-ex- wife weren’t enough; Tiger Woods is facing problems once again.  This time the pain is physical.  He is believed to be suffering from a bulging disk in his neck, although a CAT scan performed in the early part of the week should be able to confirm it.  The injury, common among golfers, forced him to withdraw from The Players Tournament last week.  With the proper treatment he should be able to return to golf within a few months.  More details … [Read the rest]

In a trial that concluded last week, 18 year Alexis Neiers, aspiring model and reality star, pleaded no contest to the charges that she was part of the group that broke into celebrity Orlando Bloom’s home and stole several thousand dollars worth of property. Bloom’s home was not the only one hit. Celebrities Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan were reported victims as well. Neiers will be spending the next 6 months in jail followed by 3 years probation. The remaining suspects will go to trial later in the month. For … [Read the rest]

For the last nearly 10 years, American Idol has been one of, if not the, top rated reality show.  From it stars like Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Clay Aiken, Mandisa, and many others have been born.  However, as much as we hate him, Simon Cowell’s announcement that this will be the last season has had serious effects on the ratings.  While “Idol” is still in the top 3, ratings are down nearly 20% from last year.  Are we suffering from “Idol” burnout or are we missing Simon already?

You can read … [Read the rest]

All of the die-hard Twilight fans will appreciate this news. Just released last week it was announced that you can now purchase a replica of Bella’s engagement ring. It comes in 3 versions. A fashion version, fine version, and genuine version with the prices going up for each. With so many fans I’m sure the designer, Infinity Jewelry Co., will have no problem making sales. You can view the ring as well as the prices here.… [Read the rest]

The story of Alice in Wonderland has seen quite of revival with Tim Burton’s remake of the classic tale.  As always, Burton has brought the story to a whole new audience.  It was really only a matter of time before Apple climbed aboard the successful Alice train.  The latest App allows users to read the story and experience it at the same time.  Each tip of the iPad causes different causes different characters to move and change.  Definitely an interesting concept; although I would like to know what happened to … [Read the rest]

Reality shows and competitions are not a new phenomenon here in the U.S.  Whether it is ‘American Idol’ or ‘So, You Think You Can Dance?’ viewers enjoy laughing over the slip ups, celebrating the victories, and just being involved in the process.  Dancing With the Stars, now in its 10th season, is no exception.

The season began two weeks ago with a full cast of athletes, actors, musicians, and reality stars ready to hit the stage.  Last week showed the drama between Kate Gosselin and her partner Tony Dovolani, … [Read the rest]