The Southwestern Company products have been changing slowly over time for a while now. That should come as no surprise when you look around at the major changes the world has gone through in the last hundred years alone, not to mention before that. It hasn't just been the books that they carry that have come in and out of print since then. They have also acquired new books that upon inspection it was clear that they needed to completely revise before they could send them out with the student … [Read the rest]

One of the most basic of problems for the energy created by a wind turbine, is that the wind does not constantly blow, and this could result less energy production than the standard power plants or nuclear power plants, which harness up to ninety percent of the available energy.  One of the best wind turbines, will at its optimum harvest just thirty percent of the energy that is potentially available.  This has caused many of the production companies building turbines today to step up and find ways to increase … [Read the rest]