Many of us use our PCs, Macs or even cell phones to access the internet every single day. But have you ever thought to ask yourself how it all works? The Internet started as a small internetwork of military computers. The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), a division of the U.S. Department of Defense, laid the foundations for the modern Internet we know today.

By 1992, the network bandwidth of the Internet had increased 20 million times the bandwidth seen in 1964. In November of 1992 Delphi was … [Read the rest]

Growing up in Canada is something that's rather impossible to forget.  The neighborhood where your parents live will always hold a special place in the heart, being the seat of so many first memories and first experiences of the world.  After the initial memories of sensations, of the first time you accidentally touch something hot, or the feeling of snow on bare skin, there's some dim memories of how the parents related to the people in the community.  There were favorite neighborhood dogs, grocery stores, and postal carriers, and all … [Read the rest]

Reading a book about Japanese etiquette will not suddenly provide you with the tools necessary for a successful business transaction with a Japanese cooperation. Even something so simple as a greeting can permanently mar a business relationship. Leadership skills development must not only include how to be a good leader in the business world of a hometown culture, but the host cultures you will soon be doing transactions and negotiations with.

For example, if you did not exchange a business card with a Japanese business person, it would be most … [Read the rest]

Bank employees are required to fill out an SAR, or Suspicious Activity Report, when something about a transaction seems amiss.  Which situations should an employee find suspicious?  There are many indications that illegal activities may be occurring.  If a young teenager comes into a bank with a paper bag full of money, this is suspicious activity requiring a report.  If a teller notices many withdrawals, deposits or transfers occurring within a short amount of time, this is suspicious.  Any large cash transaction must reported, whether it seems out of the … [Read the rest]

What does one think of when considering corrupt leaders?   The terror or the torture they inflict on their people?  Or perhaps the evil way they appear when photographed for newspaper articles and filmed for the nightly news.  Or maybe, as in the case for many years surrounding the Third Reich and the reign of Adolph Hitler, many may believe that it is impossible to stop them.  The thing with political corruption and the leaders who act is such a way, is that by the standards of many, corruption and … [Read the rest]

Banks or other financial institutions practice what is known as due diligence. This refers to the systematic check on the background and the identity of anyone or any other company with home the are prospectively or are currently doing business with. The efforts of the institution and the employees must be of the highest quality, they must remain focused and persistent in order for the concept of due diligence to be effective. There are two main reasons that this benefits the institution or the company. When a corporation is aware … [Read the rest]

In 1970, the Bank Secrecy Act was made into a statute, originally for the assistance to the anti-money laundering government agencies.  And currently, after the attacks on New York on September 11, is for the assistance in the fight against terrorism.  In the beginning banks were encouraged to participate however now they are required to establish procedures and guidelines with will allow them to identify those who may be, or who are intending to commit a crime.  They are bound by law to fill out reports, Suspicious Activity Reports.  These … [Read the rest]

This year that Hawaii vacation may be out of your grasp. You have cut back you responsible adult, but that does not mean that you still don’t deserve a vacation. Take that time off and find something else to do. Whether that be exploring the culture that your city already has to offer or taking a summer road trip. So what if that fancy world globe trotting vacation is not within budget this year. You still have to get out and have some summer fun!

If a road trip is … [Read the rest]

Every business has unhappy customers. Most people view complaining customers as a negative thing and something that can impact the success of  their business,  But more and more enlightened companies are discovering that there are many benefits to truly listening to what your customers say.  This usually takes the form of customer complaint management.

Being proactive in the realm of customer complaints and utilizing a complaints management system, means that you will continually be able to be ahead of the game rather than fighting from behind.  It is a … [Read the rest]