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If you have been considering moving you have likely been considering a variety of qualities to determine which city would be best for you and your family. These probably include things like the schools that are available, the career opportunities, the cost of housing and the landscape of the city. What you may not be thinking about is how car-friendly the city may be. This is an important consideration for any car owner who wants to protect his vehicle’s condition for the long term. There are several characteristics that can … [Read the rest]

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We’ve already covered how proper tire care can help save gas but ties themselves can actually be environmentally friendly. When people think of eco-friendly materials, tires probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. As of late, however, tire manufactures have been thinking a lot about the environment even if you don’t think they have been. Take the Firestone Tires’ Dive tire for instance, which claims to be the most fuel efficient tire among leading tire makes.

Several factors contribute to the fuel efficiency of a vehicle including its: … [Read the rest]

The internet has changed the way people shop for everything from books to cars. The latter has created a whole new situation: people purchasing a car through the web that is physically in another state -- perhaps even across the country. Usually this occurs because someone really wants a specific model and year, but it may also happen when there's an irresistible price offered. Whatever the reason, the new owner now has to figure out how to pick up the car.

The easiest way is sometimes not the best. Flying … [Read the rest]

I see the massive Ford trucks on the road and I wonder about the life of the person and the truck. What in the world does anyone need a truck like that for. Sometimes what they are wearing can give a clue. If they have on a bandanna with a cut off Harley Davidson t-shirt then maybe they are in the motorcycle business and need the truck to pull around trailers filled with bikes. Which just make one jealous for the persons life all together. How fun would that be … [Read the rest]

Sooner or later the time will come when just one tire will go flat or become too damaged to repair. Even tires of the highest quality and performance ratings such as Nitto tires or Toyo tires, if debris is in the road, or if you hit a bump or a curb too hard, you may just wreck only one tire. The question is, if the other tires are still in good shape, is it okay to replace just that one? Or will the balance be thrown off?

This may seem … [Read the rest]

Before the cold weather sets in, it is time to change your oil.  A Ford Ranger repair manual will offer suggestions on the best grade of oil for your car and for it being able to endure sub-zero temperatures which in some cases, can last up to three months, if not more.  Those cold temperatures will not only make your nose freeze and your finger tips ache, but can wreak a bit of havoc on your vehicle if you do not take precautionary steps to avoid that.

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Problems occur on any roads, when the weather begins to happen.  In Los Angeles, any time it rains there will be numerous car accidents.  Some people just blame it on crazy LA drivers, which after living in the city for two years I must say that they are actually some of the best drivers around.  The problem is that it so rarely rains there that the oil gets built up on the freeway, and any Ford Lincoln Navigator repair manual will suggest that drivers slow their speeds.

The … [Read the rest]

When struggling through a recessed economy, the last thing most people want to worry about is replacing worn out or damaged tires. What can be an extremely fun and productive purchase when finances aren’t a concern suddenly turns into a stressful situation most people try to avoid. This is when finding the perfect establishment that sales a discount tire becomes a great benefit. It can still be an exciting and satisfying purchase, and many online stores offer special deals and offers of free shipping.

Most people have a preferred tire … [Read the rest]

When it is necessary to change a tire, say in the middle of a strip of highway when no one to help is in sight, a look through the car or motorcycle manuals published by the manufacturer of the vehicle will surely help, unless you have experience with this sort of do it yourself auto repair. I have been driving for close to thirty years, and to be honest, I've never changed my own tire.  It is not that complicated of a procedure, but it may get dirty … [Read the rest]

Just last week, those looking to trade in their old cars for perhaps a new smaller, more gas efficient sports car for sale, found they no longer qualified for the rebate offered called Cash for Clunkers.  This is due to the standards that were changed by the EPA regarding fuel economy.  And in many cases the dealerships are backing out of transactions that were already begun.  One man received a call from a dealership stating that unless he paid forty five hundred dollars more than originally agreed, he would need … [Read the rest]