Advantages to Cities with Race Tracks

Ask any race fan and they will be sure to site many benefits to having a race track in their city, the most important one being quick and easy access to the races.  While that is definitely true, that may not be enough to impress city leadership.  Race fan or not, there are a lot advantages to cities with race tracks.

NHRA Auburn, WashingtonFinancially it costs cities a lot of money to put in a race track of any kind, especially the larger tracks needed for the highly popular NASCAR Sprint Cup Races, American Le Mans Series or NHRA events.  Although the initial cost is high, once the track in built it can be a great financial asset to the city.  The revenue brought in by races both large and small will help cover the cost and eventually bring in additional revenue to the city.  It will provide more jobs to the people of the city as they help keep the track up and running.

Building a race track can provide a new entertainment venue for events apart from racing.  Concerts and shows can be booked throughout the year that will help bring in additional revenue as well as provide entertainment for local citizens and out of town guests.

Bringing in more tourists is the desire of most cities.  The additional revenue that is brought in from car rentals, hotels, and restaurants is often an essential part of a city’s budget.  Some auto races and auto racers have dedicated fans across the country.  Hosting an auto race could bring in a wealth of new tourists and fans looking forward to visiting the latest race track or watching Matt Kenseth, Scott Tucker, or Danica Patrick.  While many cities across the country are home to smaller, amateur race tracks, there aren’t as many large professional tracks.  For the millions of racing fans nationwide, these are real points of interests that they are willing to go out of their way to visit.

For any city deciding whether or not to build a race track depends on the money.  Will the benefits of the track outweigh the cost of building it?  It’s ultimately a decision that each city has to decide for itself; but it’s hard to deny all of the advantages and potential that could be waiting right around the corner.

Mark Lane  is a guest blogger whose posts about auto racing and American racing champions are popular with race fans all over the world.  His writing can be found on blogs and racing sites.

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