Drug Use in Mexican Prisons

It is no secret that the Mexican prison system could use some major improvement.  With roughly 200,000 inmates currently behind bars, over-crowding is a main problem and the need for more room is urgent.  It seems that on an almost monthly basis, there are new reports of prison riots and inmates dead or injured.  While there are 12 new maximum security prisons presently being built and should be ready for use by 2011, one has to wonder if space is the only issue.

The vast majority of inmates currently being held in a Mexican prison has been charged with drug use or drug trafficking.  Even more are affiliated with a gang.  Most of the violence and riots that we hear about are a result of gang warfare.  Once inside gang members are able to easily gain access to weapons, drugs, prostitutes and even cell phones.  Officials were surprised at the ease in which drug lords, kidnappers, and other criminals were able to continue their businesses while supposedly locked up.  While prison wardens in the past would overlook drug use in an effort to keep the peace, that is becoming increasingly difficult as drug use and violence continues to rise.  Approximately four out five inmates who did not use drugs before their incarceration, do so now. If you need treatment in us check here http://www.drugrehabcomparison.com for options.

While the country would like to adopt an approach that is more centered on addiction treatment, getting arrested is far from a alcohol drug intervention and prison is no drug rehab when you are surrounded by drugs that put you there.  Until Mexico can honestly and strictly enforce what goes in and out of their prisons, as well as further separate the gangs that continually perpetuate violence, these new facilities will only serve as extra space for the new users and sellers that are being born inside their walls.


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