Water is a Great Way to DeStress

waterOne of the bad things about stress is that it always seems to get worse when the temperature rises. Hot, humid weather makes the body work overtime to cool itself and the uncomfortable feelings make people short tempered and even anxious. Stress alone is an ongoing problem for everyone, but it just gets worse when the summer arrives in places like Texas.

Water is a great solution. Not only can jumping in a swimming pool instantly cool off your body, it provides plenty of opportunities for you to de-stress. Splashing around and playing games with your family is a great way to release stress and relax. If you're alone, swimming laps or engaging in some form of water workout is also a great stress-buster. There's a reason that people who exercise regularly have lower stress levels than those who don't.

There is even scientific evidence to suggest that the mere presence of water is soothing to the human mind. Sitting by a pool can provide some of the same calming effects as gazing at a lake or watching ocean waves. If summer stress is a habitual problem for you, consider calling a few swimming pool care companies and figure out if you can afford your own backyard stress reliever.

photo by: aguscr

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