Affording a Down Payment

Mortgage has been identified as a popular mode of gaining ownership of a house or property whereby timely principle repayments and interest payments result in the transfer of ownership at the end of the mortgage period. Mortgage usually involves payment of an initial deposit at the start of the contract which due to recessionary phase has been significantly increased by the banks making it difficult for potential property owners to get a mortgage.

Credit Crunch 2008

The credit crunch that hit the American financial institutions in 2008 ultimately led to the crash of mortgage market whereby the dream of Americans to home their own home rapidly evaporated. It was held that the credit crunch arose as a result of weak mortgage policy used by the financial institutions whereby the banks failed to take into account credit history of customers. This ultimately led to large scale defaults that resulted in the house market to crash as the supply of real estate rose rapidly. The recession that soon hit USA is now on its road to recovery and real estate market is now stabilizing albeit at a slow rate.

house on moneyConditions for Getting a Mortgage

The credit crunch has resulted in stricter terms and conditions to be adopted by the financial institutions and they have now significantly increased the percentage of down payment required. Furthermore, banks now grant mortgages to those that have an excellent credit history and low probability of default. Although the recovery of housing market has resulted in an increase in demand for real estate, the initial deposit required poses a hindrance in obtaining a mortgage.

Financing a Down Payment

There are different ways through which a person can arrange money for making a down payment such as savings and retirement accounts. A person is likely to have savings in form of current account or emergency account or retirement account and this money can be invested towards making a down payment. Furthermore, a person can also borrow from friends and family with an agreement to return the money in the foreseeable future. Conversely, a person might have certain investments in term of shares or mutual funds and these can be withdrawn to finance the down payment. A person can combine funds from various sources to make a down payment. However, realizing investments should not harm or deteriorate a person’s financial position and the benefits of gaining a mortgage must be contrasted to the costs of realizing an investment.

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  1. Randy

    The upside of the crisis, people who are in the market to buy a home can probably get a below market price. The market is slowly recovering, but there are still lots of fabulous deals to be found. Even with a small down payment, a person who is serious about home ownership can probably find one they can afford. Since values can only go up, it's like a forced savings plan, because the home will build equity which can be used as the down payment on a future house. First time homebuyers especially should take advantage of the market, since they are in the best position to recoup some equity.

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