Best Cities for Car Owners

If you have been considering moving you have likely been considering a variety of qualities to determine which city would be best for you and your family. These probably include things like the schools that are available, the career opportunities, the cost of housing and the landscape of the city. What you may not be thinking about is how car-friendly the city may be. This is an important consideration for any car owner who wants to protect his vehicle’s condition for the long term. There are several characteristics that can make a city car-friendly, including:

Ample Parking

Knowing that there is a safe place to park your car wherever you go is comforting both in that you know your car will be secure and you will be able to get where you need to go without having to walk for an extended period of time. This is often a challenge in metropolitan areas where public transportation is more popular.

traffic jamLighter Commutes

Heavy traffic and long commutes are difficult on your car. A city that offers direct routes to your chosen career or lighter traffic will be easier on your car, and on you. You will save gas and keep your brakes in better condition when you are not facing gridlock on a daily basis.

Good Road Conditions

The conditions of the road that you are driving your car on make tremendous difference in the long term condition of your vehicle. Rough road conditions are very hard on your car’s suspension, brakes and tires and will require that you bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance more often.

Skilled Mechanics

If you own a car, you will need a mechanic at some point. A car is a machine and all machines need maintenance on a regular basis in order to continue operating properly. You want to make sure that the city you are living in has skilled mechanics that will take care of your car to the highest degree of quality.

Ample Gas Stations

You will get better gas mileage and your car will run better if you don’t let the fuel tank get close to empty. A car-friendly city will have plenty of access to fuel stations. Preferably these stations will also have air for tires and a vacuum so that you can take care of your car in one central location.

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One thought on “Best Cities for Car Owners

  1. Shawn Moore

    I think ample parking and good road conditions are the key to having a vehicle friendly city. Traffic happens even in small towns at some point, but good roads keep people from trying to veer away from potholes or other problems. This in turn, makes even a drive in heavy traffic easier to navigate. As for parking, there is nothing more frustrating than circling a parking lot in search of a spot, particularly if you drive a larger vehicle.

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