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Many of us use our PCs, Macs or even cell phones to access the internet every single day. But have you ever thought to ask yourself how it all works? The Internet started as a small internetwork of military computers. The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), a division of the U.S. Department of Defense, laid the foundations for the modern Internet we know today.

By 1992, the network bandwidth of the Internet had increased 20 million times the bandwidth seen in 1964. In November of 1992 Delphi was … [Read the rest]

Before the stars and stripes was adopted, the colonies and militias in America had many different flags including the famous Rattlesnake flag with the motto, "Don't Tread On Me." Another interesting navel flag had a white background and a green pine tree and the motto, "An Appeal to Heaven."  However, many of the flags used were actually a version of the British Union Jack.  Obviously, as the colonies prepared for war against Britain, they needed a new flag!

So what are the origins of the American flag? No one really … [Read the rest]

The origin of language is perhaps one of the most contested histories in contemporary culture.  It’s not simply a matter of lack of information, where it’s impossible to go back and find out when and where people first started to articulate in a recognizable way.  It is also related to the complicated notion of history itself.  If history begins with a record, then the possibility of finding a record of sound and utterance is not possible with the available tools.  Despite the impossibility of finding a fixed origin, or perhaps … [Read the rest]