Monthly Archives: August 2011

If there’s ever any doubt that there’s no longer a relationship between people and the earth they walk on, just ask anyone in Sydney about sandstone.  What is now conceived of primarily as a building material, at least in public discourse, is in fact the foundation of the city, in more ways than one.  And any lengthy discussion about sandstone in the city will invariably lead much further into the past than more tourists and travelers have time for.  It is terribly interesting, however, and well worth the long hours … [Read the rest]

One of the more uncanny experiences in any kind of historical work comes when the correspondences between past and present become closer than one could have possibly suspected.  That everyday household objects have connections to a deeper past can come as no quiet shock, because there is a tendency to take what’s best from the past generation and repeat it.  But when small connections between things, like window  blinds and the walls of an ancient theater, become obvious, then history takes on a whole new dimension.  One can often feel … [Read the rest]