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We’ve already covered how proper tire care can help save gas but ties themselves can actually be environmentally friendly. When people think of eco-friendly materials, tires probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. As of late, however, tire manufactures have been thinking a lot about the environment even if you don’t think they have been. Take the Firestone Tires’ Dive tire for instance, which claims to be the most fuel efficient tire among leading tire makes.

Several factors contribute to the fuel efficiency of a vehicle including its: … [Read the rest]

Eloping to Vegas is a time honored tradition. In recent years the city has worked hard to become a more conventional wedding destination. Brides to be are encouraged to plan elaborate weddings that take advantage of the unique settings at places like the venetian (click here), which offers gourmet catering and experienced wedding planners to make the day special.

People choosing to get married in Vegas are in good company. Dozens of celebrities have exchanged vows in Sin City. One of the earliest celebrities to take advantage of the minimal … [Read the rest]