Monthly Archives: November 2010

The benefits that come with switching a home from traditional electricity to solar power are considerable. They include saving money as well as saving the environment. While many people like to think the latter is the best and only reason needed, the reality is that most people need the former in order to consider making such a considerable investment.

Anyone who has ever considered solar power but was put off by the cost should reconsider. Under a government-led program of incentives, many home owners can qualify for California solar rebates … [Read the rest]

Some people hate shopping and there's nothing that can be done to overcome it. They will always look for the fastest, most painless route when they have to enter a store and will not linger over a decision of what to buy -- in fact they will know exactly what they are buying and not be distracted by other items on display. For most people, however, shopping is the closest thing they have to hunting, and many people also turn shopping into a social event, spending time with friends and … [Read the rest]

The internet has changed the way people shop for everything from books to cars. The latter has created a whole new situation: people purchasing a car through the web that is physically in another state -- perhaps even across the country. Usually this occurs because someone really wants a specific model and year, but it may also happen when there's an irresistible price offered. Whatever the reason, the new owner now has to figure out how to pick up the car.

The easiest way is sometimes not the best. Flying … [Read the rest]