Monthly Archives: October 2010

At a time when it seems everyone and their uncle has a blog, you may be wondering why you don't. If you feel that you have a unique point of view to offer the world, there's no reason not to set up your own blog and share that perspective. Whether it's about sports, politics, philosophy, music, or your favorite hobby, you probably have something with saying and could likely find an audience of some sort who would be interested. If nothing, it will give a longer form of commenting than … [Read the rest]

Golf is a multi-billion industy in the US and is enjoying a world-wide expansion in countries all around the globe. High profile professionals earn millions on the PGA tour, but millions of others are employed in regular golf-related jobs in over a hundred unique career fields. If you love the sport and always wondered about ways to earn a living from your passion, you would do well to consider a golf career .

There are actually degrees offered in golf management for those who want to systematically prepare for their … [Read the rest]