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Remakes seem to be the thing right now. A few seasons ago Warner Bros. picked up a remake series of Beverly Hills 90210 entitled 90210. Now CBS has announced that they will be doing a remake of the popular cop show Hawaii Five-0. The cast, stars from Lost and Battlestar Gallactica, will have their work cut out for them as they attempt to modernize the show without shutting out fans familiar with the original series. No word yet when the series will air, but you can read more about the … [Read the rest]

For last couple of years, it seems as though the Miss USA pageant has become more about politics and less about the pageant. Last year, Carrie Prejean was faced with a question about gay marriage and this year Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard was asked about immigraton reform. Ultimately neither girl ended up with the crown, so it makes you wonder just how much emphasis is put on these questions. Perhaps they should stay out of politics and just focus on the pageant. You can read the whole story at … [Read the rest]

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As if the sex scandal and estrangement from his soon-to-be-ex- wife weren’t enough; Tiger Woods is facing problems once again.  This time the pain is physical.  He is believed to be suffering from a bulging disk in his neck, although a CAT scan performed in the early part of the week should be able to confirm it.  The injury, common among golfers, forced him to withdraw from The Players Tournament last week.  With the proper treatment he should be able to return to golf within a few months.  More details … [Read the rest]

In a trial that concluded last week, 18 year Alexis Neiers, aspiring model and reality star, pleaded no contest to the charges that she was part of the group that broke into celebrity Orlando Bloom’s home and stole several thousand dollars worth of property. Bloom’s home was not the only one hit. Celebrities Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan were reported victims as well. Neiers will be spending the next 6 months in jail followed by 3 years probation. The remaining suspects will go to trial later in the month. For … [Read the rest]

For the last nearly 10 years, American Idol has been one of, if not the, top rated reality show.  From it stars like Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Clay Aiken, Mandisa, and many others have been born.  However, as much as we hate him, Simon Cowell’s announcement that this will be the last season has had serious effects on the ratings.  While “Idol” is still in the top 3, ratings are down nearly 20% from last year.  Are we suffering from “Idol” burnout or are we missing Simon already?

You can read … [Read the rest]

The Southwestern Company products have been changing slowly over time for a while now. That should come as no surprise when you look around at the major changes the world has gone through in the last hundred years alone, not to mention before that. It hasn't just been the books that they carry that have come in and out of print since then. They have also acquired new books that upon inspection it was clear that they needed to completely revise before they could send them out with the student … [Read the rest]

All of the die-hard Twilight fans will appreciate this news. Just released last week it was announced that you can now purchase a replica of Bella’s engagement ring. It comes in 3 versions. A fashion version, fine version, and genuine version with the prices going up for each. With so many fans I’m sure the designer, Infinity Jewelry Co., will have no problem making sales. You can view the ring as well as the prices here.… [Read the rest]

Many of us remember the Vietnam War and the protesting that occurred on nearly every campus across the country; however, not all have the same memories as students at Kent State University.  In the weekend following President Nixon’s announcement that we would be invading Cambodia, anti-war protestors took their displeasure to a new level, including burning down an ROTC building.  In response to the violence Ohio Gov. James Rhodes called out the National Guard to assist with controlling the mob.  In the past only tear gas had been used to … [Read the rest]