Monthly Archives: April 2010

Baseball is the great American pastime.  Most of us grew up watching, playing, and loving the game.  However, with 9 long innings even the most avid fans can become weary of the often slow paced game.  But as the teams continue to show us, there is a reason to come out to the ballpark.  The Rockies just experienced their first no-hitter in franchise history and the Cardinals and the Mets faced off in a whopping 20 inning game.  Visit for more on what’s been happening in baseball.… [Read the rest]

Spring Break season is in full swing with students from across the country looking for the perfect place to enjoy their break from their studies.  Though there are a few places that have been traditional favorites, such as Cancun and the Bahamas, the tight economy has many students sticking closer to home.  Many beaches in Florida, and even South Padre Island, Texas, are expecting higher numbers this year due to their closer proximity and lower costs.  For a list of the 2010 Spring Break hotspots, click here.… [Read the rest]

The story of Alice in Wonderland has seen quite of revival with Tim Burton’s remake of the classic tale.  As always, Burton has brought the story to a whole new audience.  It was really only a matter of time before Apple climbed aboard the successful Alice train.  The latest App allows users to read the story and experience it at the same time.  Each tip of the iPad causes different causes different characters to move and change.  Definitely an interesting concept; although I would like to know what happened to … [Read the rest]

Reality shows and competitions are not a new phenomenon here in the U.S.  Whether it is ‘American Idol’ or ‘So, You Think You Can Dance?’ viewers enjoy laughing over the slip ups, celebrating the victories, and just being involved in the process.  Dancing With the Stars, now in its 10th season, is no exception.

The season began two weeks ago with a full cast of athletes, actors, musicians, and reality stars ready to hit the stage.  Last week showed the drama between Kate Gosselin and her partner Tony Dovolani, … [Read the rest]