Monthly Archives: December 2009

Before the cold weather sets in, it is time to change your oil.  A Ford Ranger repair manual will offer suggestions on the best grade of oil for your car and for it being able to endure sub-zero temperatures which in some cases, can last up to three months, if not more.  Those cold temperatures will not only make your nose freeze and your finger tips ache, but can wreak a bit of havoc on your vehicle if you do not take precautionary steps to avoid that.

No matter what … [Read the rest]

Growing up in Canada is something that's rather impossible to forget.  The neighborhood where your parents live will always hold a special place in the heart, being the seat of so many first memories and first experiences of the world.  After the initial memories of sensations, of the first time you accidentally touch something hot, or the feeling of snow on bare skin, there's some dim memories of how the parents related to the people in the community.  There were favorite neighborhood dogs, grocery stores, and postal carriers, and all … [Read the rest]