Monthly Archives: July 2009

Just last week, those looking to trade in their old cars for perhaps a new smaller, more gas efficient sports car for sale, found they no longer qualified for the rebate offered called Cash for Clunkers.  This is due to the standards that were changed by the EPA regarding fuel economy.  And in many cases the dealerships are backing out of transactions that were already begun.  One man received a call from a dealership stating that unless he paid forty five hundred dollars more than originally agreed, he would need … [Read the rest]

In 1970, the Bank Secrecy Act was made into a statute, originally for the assistance to the anti-money laundering government agencies.  And currently, after the attacks on New York on September 11, is for the assistance in the fight against terrorism.  In the beginning banks were encouraged to participate however now they are required to establish procedures and guidelines with will allow them to identify those who may be, or who are intending to commit a crime.  They are bound by law to fill out reports, Suspicious Activity Reports.  These … [Read the rest]

This year that Hawaii vacation may be out of your grasp. You have cut back you responsible adult, but that does not mean that you still don’t deserve a vacation. Take that time off and find something else to do. Whether that be exploring the culture that your city already has to offer or taking a summer road trip. So what if that fancy world globe trotting vacation is not within budget this year. You still have to get out and have some summer fun!

If a road trip is … [Read the rest]